"A badge is just one of the many ways to show and share".
On the website adafruit.com, you can found some skills badges to quickly present your skills in a funny way. This blog post takes up this idea to presents some of my skills, mostly used in this DIY blog.

Among others here are some of my skills:

- I can solder ! : SMD and non SMD components
- I made something with LEDs ! : IR beacons
- I learned how to make robots ! : Participations to the French Robotic Challenge (Eurobot)
- I learned how to program ! : ASM, C, C++, VHDL, Java
- I learned micro-controllers ! : Microchip, Atmel, Texas
- I learned how to use an oscilloscope !
- I learned how to use a multi-meter !
- I support open source hardware ! : With this blog
- I reverse engineered something ! : Furby Hack, Nokia screen, Wiimote
- I sent something to space ! : A "High-altitude balloon" during a summer science camp as supervisor
- I met the magic blue smoke monster ! : No comments :)
- I learned and used Ohm's law ! : Everydays
- I learned how to make QR codes and use them ! : QR code printed on PCB
- I know Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage electronics !
- I used Kicad ! PCB design
- I "heart" metric ! : I mastered the metric system, I am French ...
- I dumpster dived ! : just walk on the street to find computer, TV, DEEE, wood, plastic, sofa, etc ... to build your DIY project

748esdbadge_MED.png bluesmokebadge_MED.png highaltbadge_MED.png ledbadge_MED.png multimeterbadge_MED.png oshwbadge_MED.png roboticsbadge_MED.png virbadge_MED.png hellobadge_MED.png kicadbadge_MED.png mcubadge_MED.png oscilloscopebadge_MED.png qrbadge_MED.png solderingbadge_MED.png DumpsterDiving.png metric.png