Since 2008, EPLF, the engineering school of Lausane (Switzerland) organize a robotic festival. This is a very brief review of this 2013 edition. The goal of this festival is to present the robotic researches of PhD and to promote the robotic activity to general public. Lots of activities are organized during the day to introduce electronic and robotic concept to kids from 8 years old to to 99 years old (yes, everybody have the permission to be a kid during this day :) ). There is also some industrials, student associations and shop. I have been particularly impressed by the PhD researches. Studies are really interested in various domain of robotic and the university seems to give important financial assistance to get results. I saw very impressive bio-robot (feline, salamander), gyroscopic robot, drone, multi-copter, exploration robot, hexapod, etc ...

If you want to get more information about the bio-robots in EPFL, visit their website.

Some photos I shot during the festival:

IMG_2211_dim.jpg IMG_2214_dim.jpg IMG_2217_dim.jpg IMG_2221_dim.jpg IMG_2232_dim.jpg IMG_2235_dim.jpg IMG_2236_dim.jpg IMG_2241_dim.jpg IMG_2246_dim.jpg IMG_2247_dim.jpg IMG_2256_dim.jpg IMG_2257_dim.jpg IMG_2258_dim.jpg IMG_2266_dim.jpg

And a short video presentation from Trial Media available on Vimeo: