When you are designing a PCB, there are always basic questions and important point to take care. Some example:
- how to convert mil to mm or AWG to diameter ?
- what is the real rendering or appropriate size for text or silkscreen line ?
- what is the maximum current for a specied trace width or via diameter ?

It always take long time to find the right information in the appropriate document.
In order to save time, I created a memento PCB to summarize most important information. This is a great and indispensable tool for every regular PCB designer.

On this board, you will find:

  • common SMD footprints (RLC, Diode/Transistor, integrated circuit)
  • common connector pitchs
  • common via drill diameters with the corresponding maximum current
  • sample of copper trace width (in mill and mm)
  • sample of silkscreen line width
  • sample of silkscreen text font and ratio
  • conversion tables (inch/mm, mil/mm, oz/gr, oz/um)
  • table of copper trace width Vs. maximum current
  • table of copper trace voltage Vs. min clearance distance for functional isolation
  • a simple metric ruler (0-8cm)


Here is the 3D gerber rendering of the PCB:

And photos of panelized board and final result:

Download here the poster Datasheet

If you are interested in this reminder tool, I sell some pieces on my Tindie shop:

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