If you design your own electronic PCB and make it with PCB services like SeeedStudio, Oshpark and others, you know that you paid for a predetermined size. This is why, you try to design your PCB as small as possible and some time, to fill the maximum allowed space with multiple design. However, there is often a small space that you can't use. Instead of loosing this space, you can use it to create cool thinks like a PCB style Keychain.

In this exemple, the maximum allowed space was 100mm x 100mm. I integrate 3 different designs in the space and I still have some free space. I used it to create two keychain : a simple hole, some random electric traces, some component footprints and some drawings on silkscreen. It is also possible to insert a QR flash code with a link to your personnal website or something similar.

When you receive your PCB, you just have to cut it, and enjoy your KeyChain. As I ordered 10 pieces, I got 20 KeyChain for free !